Our Original Songs

Sandy Ferris                                                               

A Fathers Love                                                            

Another Chance                                                          

Cancel My Subscription                                             

Kiss A Little                                                  

Last First Kiss

Show Me                                                          

Slow Ride To Nowhere                                            

Sweet Reunion

What You See Is What You Get

We Shall Be

We've Come A Long Way (In A Short Time)

What I Know For Sure


Sandy Ferris & Leon Olguin

It Is What It Is

Lovin’ You Through It

Right Where I’m Meant To Be

Simple Pleasures

When I Found You I Found Me


Sandy Ferris & N. Spike Dean

From Day To Day

He Snores

Where Do We Go From Here?

Sandy Ferris & Tim Yawn

Everywhere, Everyday


Sandy Ferris & Gary Ramey

Sitting On The Moon 


Sheryl Paige & N. Spike Dean

Drive 395


Asli Goncer & N. Spike Dean                                

 Different Worlds 


Ferris, Goncer & Dean                                            

A View To A Kilt                                                         

More Than Strong   


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