Sandz Of Time is going thru some restructuring. We'll be back at it in a short order. Stay tuned for all band news happening right here!

Our newest member!

We've added a new member! You can view thier work on you tube via the link on our links page. I had to update the link, the first one didn't work! Silly me!

Or just copy and paste this link in your browser:

And Notable News!

Here's another video for the faithful! You can head over to our links page and click on "Kirin", or you can copy and paste this  -->   in your browser!


News of note!

We have a new video! Head to the links page and check out "Last First Kiss" by three of our band members! (We missed you G-man!!) Performed live in Cocoa Beach, two weeks ago. 



Spike & Asli at Brick & Fire!

Hey Ya'll!

Come on out to Brick and Fire in Casselberry On Friday, May 31.

Asli and Spike have a gig playing from 7 - 10 pm! 

This venue has fantastic food and great service!

We want to see you there! Drop in and say hey!!

New Member/Old Member

   The band would like to welcome back to our line-up Asli Goncer! She played with us in the early days and has jumped back on-board as our lead guitarist and adds another harmony and lead vocal to our sound. You can hear her harmonies on our early recordings!

   Asli is a member and co-coordinater of our local NSAI chapter and is an accomplished musician and songwriter. To check out her personal sound and story, slide over to our links page and click on her name. It will take you to her site!

New video coming soon!

In the coming weeks, there'll be a new video! We're starting a new one using one of Gary's tunes recorded by Sandz Of Time Band!

NSAI Meeting

Nsai Orlando meeting is on February 5, 2013. 

It's that time again!

Our monthly meeting is this Tuesday, Feb 5, 2013, at 7 p.m!

Pine Tree Village Clubhouse

475 Pinesong Dr.

Casselberry, FL 32707

and some numbers in case you get lost!

Asli- 407.928.1505    Co-coordinator

Sheryl- 321.223.9071   Co-coordinator

Contact the group at:, and the keeper of technology will send you the directions!

We have a Facebook Page!

We have a Facebook Page!


If you like our music and videos, show us by liking our Facebook Page! We look forward to hearing from you and absolutely love the attention!


You can get there by clicking the link on the links page!!


Come know you wanna!!

New Video is Up!

Hey Everyone! We've been telling you to stay tuned......Well here it is!

Check out our new video "Another Chance" by Sandz of Time Band on Youtube!!

NSAI Meeting

As we've mentioned, we are affilated with NSAI Orlando. Our first meeting of the new year will be on January the 8th, 2013, from 7 - 9 pm. Any songwriters (or potential songwriters!) in the area are welcome to come to the meeting! Contact the group at:, and the keeper of technology will send you the directions!

More music on the way!

The Band is currently writing more music for an upcoming album - Stay tuned!

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